IC2S Playlist Update 20/05/2015

A bit of a post-script on my last post, regarding Mad Max and feminism: I was actually originally planning to write a different post which would have actually been arguably slightly pro-MRA (because, while I obviously identify as a feminist, a progressive Christian and a left-winger in general, I’m not someone who is defined by my “groups”). However, of course the idiots in the MRA-camp went and stirred up a new shitstorm elsewhere which needed to be addressed… so good job. I’ll still write it, but at least let it be on the record that I do not support MRAs in the slightest… (Edit: Eh, you know what? Screw it, I have lost all enthusiasm for the topic. Great job Clarey.)

Anyway, first up this week is “Separation” by A Feast for Kings from their EP Hell on Earth. This whole EP is filled with very personal, top-notch hard rock/metal and is well worth the $6 asking price. “Separation” in particular seems to be coming from the songwriter’s own experiences with a lying, unfaithful father. It’s truly tragic that A Feast for Kings’ lead singer died in an accident recently, doubly-so since they were days away from getting signed. I can only hope that the band can carry on without him, because the talent on display in Hell on Earth is truly astonishing.

Finally, we have “Never Let Down” by Andrew W.K. from his album, The Wolf. I guy from work recommended this song to me, and while I don’t really care for Andrew W.K. in general, some of his songs (like this one) are pretty awesome. He also described his musical style as “life metal” as opposed to death metal, and I can certainly see what he meant. His voice and music scream “metal”, but his lyrics are almost 100% based on partying, love/sex and general positivity, making it sound more like a pop or lighter rock song. Considering that he debuted in 2001, I imagine this was in response to the overbearing angst permeating nu metal at the time.

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