Quick Fix: Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hey, quick post today. Have a great Christmas (or whatever you are [not?] celebrating this season), I know I am. In response to political correctness and the “war on Christmas”, I offer my (humble, as usual) opinion. I have no problem with “Happy Holidays” or any other non-committal season’s greetings – if someone doesn’t want to list out every bloody holiday being celebrated in December, then that’s fine by me. Similarly, no one should be chastised for saying “Merry Christmas” or any other religious greeting. I met a guy at my work who was greeting people with “Merry Christmas” and was actually told a few days ago by a customer to stop saying that because they did not celebrate Christmas. I obviously wouldn’t say this to their face, but my honest opinion to this is “I’m sorry that you are offended so easily by my beliefs”. I don’t care that you don’t celebrate Christmas, suck it up and stop being so self-entitled. It seems to me that instituted secularization is causing this sort of entitlement among people, and it’s honestly laughable. Similarly, I do not like corporate/federally-instituted secularization, on a personal level anyway. I can understand if the government or a company wishes to remain neutral, but if they are telling their employees or politicians how to speak or what to believe, then that is just wrong.

Anyway, that aside, I know I’m going to be enjoying my Christmas. I hope you enjoy your holiday season too! 🙂

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