Quick Fix: So, um, about that deadline…

I know I said I had a firm deadline of February 4th for the next retrospective series, and when I wrote that I actually intended it to be 2 weeks from when I made that post. However, when I released it and realized that it was only a week til then I figured “eh, I can probably get it done”… well, unfortunately I’m caught between a rock and a hard place right now. I haven’t had time to get the damn movie even watched, so I’m basically going to have to delay it for a week to the originally intended date. It was either this or break my “at least one update per week” rule, and I’m not about to do that if I don’t have to.

Anyway, in other news I’ve been working on a fan edit of The Hobbit, and it’s nearly complete. Honestly, I like The Hobbit, but I feel the movie gets dragged down by the overly-lighthearted tone and filler sections. I’ve cut out nearly 40 minutes of footage (from the extended edition anyway) and the movie seems to be far better paced, with much less silliness. When I finish it I’ll probably provide a link (that said, fanedits are a major legal grey area so I might not be able to follow through on that).

I’ve also started a DayZ series on Youtube, part one should be up shortly. I have a lot of trouble even connecting to the damn game, but when I can get a major play session in, it’s a lot of fun… buggy as shit though. Pretty much certain that I lost my character too in the latest update, which just sucks because I’d had him survive over 10 hours. Seriously, I’d only legitimately died twice in all of my time on DayZ, every other time I’ve either had my character randomly wiped or I’ve been killed by lag. Yes, lag is so bad in DayZ that it can literally be fatal to your character. Still, I’m enjoying the game in spite of its major problems.

Oh and I can’t forget Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Holy crap that was unexpected, shocking and tragic. It was a senseless waste of talent, Hoffman was easily one of the most talented actors in Hollywood (and unlike most celebrity eulogies, that is not hyperbole). His death really goes to show how destructive addiction is. I was at work listening to Sixx Sense, and Nikki Sixx was talking about how this event really hit home for him because of his past with drugs. Apparently Hoffman had been sober for almost 20 years, but relapsed and… well, this just shows that if you struggle with addiction, you never are fully over it – that shit can come back and kill you if you don’t fight it every day. RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman, you will be sorely missed.

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